How do students complete ELA assignments?

Who can do this with default user permissions?


Once a teacher has assigned comprehension questions or a writing prompt to his or her class, students can log on to their Freckle accounts to complete the assignment. Teachers can assign articles in advance and can also assign multiple articles at once. In this example, I've assigned students the "Martin Luther King, Jr." article.

  1. Students log on at and select Assignments at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Students choose the pending assignment, which is listed by subject matter on the page.
  3. Students complete reading comprehension assignments by reading and answering questions.

    An example reading passage on the left, with two multiple-choice questions about the passage on the right.

    Students can scroll both on the article side and the questions side of the assignment.

    Students can also highlight text as they read by selecting a color, and dragging their mouse (or finger on an iPad) to select. They can do so highlight confusing words or sections, identify key information and evidence and much more.

    A reading passage with a number of words and phrases highlighted by the student.

    Once they read the article, students select Done Reading at the bottom, and have comprehension questions to answer (unless only writing has been assigned). Questions with more than one answer are specified. Once students have checked the box or boxes next to their answer choice(s), they select Submit. If incorrect, students will be notified and have a chance to try again until it is answered correctly.

    Once students have answered all questions, they select Finished Reviewing at the bottom of the question section. Students earn coins for completing ELA assignments and can visit the Piggy Store to redeem those coins. A summary of their accuracy and coins earned appears upon completion, and they can navigate back to the student homepage to continue practice.

    If desired, students can review their past assignments by going back to the Assignment section. At the bottom of each subject, they can select Review Completed Articles. Responses highlighted green signify correct answers. Responses highlighted red signify incorrect answers.
  4. Students complete writing assignments by responding to a writing prompt.

    For writing assignments, students simply select the assignment, read the article and the prompt, and type their response in the text box to the right of the article. Most prompts require students to use textual evidence in their responses. Students submit their responses when finished and wait for teachers to assign them a grade.