As a school administrator, how can I notify my teachers that I want them to administer a school-wide assessment?

Who can do this with default user permissions?

District Administrators

One feature of the School Dashboard is that administrators can request for teachers to administer school-wide grade-level assessments. To do this, administrators must log on to their School Dashboard and navigate to the Assessments page using the tabs on the left.

Once on the Assessments page, administrators can create a new assessment they would like teachers to administer as well as remind teachers about outstanding assessments.

Creating a New Grade-Level Assessment

To notify teachers about a new grade-level assessment you would like them to administer to their students, administrators can scroll to the bottom of the Assessments page. Here, you will see a section titled "Create a New Assessment."

Administrators must select the grade level in the upper-right corner using the drop-down list. This will refresh the student names on the list to reflect students enrolled in that grade level.

You can select an individual student by checking the box next to the student's name or you can select them all by selecting pick all students at the top (next to the grade drop-down list). After selecting the students you would like to assess, select Create at the bottom of the student list.

A pop-up window will ask if you want to notify teachers about the new assessment. Select YES to send the students' teachers a notification e-mail about the requested assessment. Selecting NO will not send the notification e-mail; however, teachers will still be able to see the assessment on their Teacher Dashboard.

Administrators can only create new assessments for grade-level assessments that cover all domains. For example, an assessment for third-grade students would include third-grade-level questions that assess all elementary school domains. These are beneficial for assessing students at the beginning of the year, as a diagnostic, mid-year, and at the end of the year, to assess growth.

Reminding Teachers About Outstanding Assessments

The top portion of the Assessments page shows outstanding grade-level assessments for your school. It is titled "Assessments for ______," with your school name in the blank. This gives administrators a detailed list showing who issued the assessment (if multiple administrators have access to the School Dashboard), when they issued it, and for what grades. It will also show the teachers whose students were assigned the assessment and the percentage of the students in each class that have completed it.

Administrators can track whether teachers are administering the assessments by looking at the completion percentage. They can remind teachers who may have forgotten to give an assessment or need to administer it to more students. To do this, select Send Notifications at the top of the page. This will redirect administrators to a notification page where they can select the specific teachers to notify about their outstanding assessments. Just select Notify? next to each teacher's name you would like to email. Scroll down to the bottom and select Send now. E-mail notifications will be sent out immediately.