How do I make sure the right teachers get Premium access to Freckle?

Who can do this with default user permissions?

District Administrators

Beginning in July 2021, if your rosters are managed by Renaissance, you can control which teachers get Premium Freckle through the product assignment feature in Renaissance Growth Platform. Teachers will only get access to Premium if Freckle is assigned as a product to at least one of their classes.

The Assign Products screen from the Renaissance Classes and Courses page, showing Freckle being assigned to a class.

How can I ensure users get Premium access even if they are not in the district's Student Information System?

Add those users to Renaissance, and then assign them to a class that has Freckle assigned. If that is not possible because the roster is locked down (i.e. you use CDI to manage your rosters), you can create a new school level administrator account for these users so they have access to all students.

What will happen to new teacher users created after this change goes into effect?

If a new user creates their account from and affiliates with a Renaissance-managed school, they will see the free version of Freckle.

If they are created in Renaissance and Freckle is assigned to their classes, they will get access to Premium Freckle once the nightly roster sync creates their account.