How do Freckle and ClassLink work together for rostering on my Teacher Home?

Who can do this with default user permissions?


Using Freckle in combination with ClassLink helps keep sign-in consistent for students, and roster management uniform for teachers. Before syncing the two platforms, there are some important implications to take into consideration.

Rostering in Freckle is directly impacted when synced with ClassLink. If your school or district is using ClassLink, roster updates are made through ClassLink, and will be synced every night. If your roster does not reflect the appropriate class information, we recommend reaching out to your ClassLink Administrator to ensure syncing takes place.

If you are independently using ClassLink and you have added Freckle through the ClassLink App, then Freckle will need to be accessed through the ClassLink App to update and sync your rosters. You also have the option to disconnect rosters through your Freckle roster page (from the Roster page, select Disconnect your rosters).

If I am independently using ClassLink, and I have added Freckle through the ClassLink App, how do I sync my rosters?

  1. Log in to Freckle.
  2. Ensure your school is configured by selecting your name in the upper-right corner, then select Your Account.
  3. On the Your School tab, select Change School. It works well to search by zip code and add your school.
  4. Once your school is configured to Freckle, log out of Freckle.
  5. Log back into your Freckle account through ClassLink. This will trigger a sync so that your ClassLink roster populates your Freckle roster.

For anyone using ClassLink with Freckle, we recommend checking out these features to help keep your roster organized:

  • Sometimes when ClassLink and Freckle sync, teachers end up with extra classes in the roster with the same students. On the Freckle roster, you can hide classes that you do not need to use. Select the gear icon for the class roster; then, in the drop-down menu, select Hide class.
  • You can create a class and add existing students to that class. This will allow you to rearrange or merge classes that are synced from ClassLink. The nightly sync will not change your teacher-created classes.
  • You can share students with co-teachers in the building. Select the gear icon to the right of the student's name, then select Share/transfer with another teacher. From there, you can share the student with other teachers in your building.

For all users who are synced with ClassLink, there will be a few features that you will no longer be able to complete on the teacher home:

  • Student details in the roster page, such as name and grade level, cannot be manually adjusted. You will still be able to adjust student language, and dashboard settings for the content area.
  • You can no longer remove students from the Teacher home manually.
  • Student transfers cannot be completed; however, you can still share students with co-teachers.

Any of these changes would be overwritten during the ClassLink and Freckle sync.

How do I update my school configuration on Freckle?

If your school or district is using ClassLink, you will need to contact your ClassLink Administrator to adjust your school configuration in Freckle.

If you are independently using ClassLink, you will need to disconnect your rosters before updating your school configuration. To disconnect your rosters:

  1. Select Disconnect my rosters at the top of the Roster page.
  2. Select your name in the upper-right corner; then, select Your Account.

After that, you can update your school.