Freckle Implementation Ideas

Using Freckle for Enrichment

How do you keep advanced skill students engaged? Try some of these ideas:


  • Independent Practice
    • Allow students to practice in a domain of interest or in higher grade level domains.
    • Once students complete a domain, reset and allow them to work back through content.
  • Targeted Practice
    • Push out assignments at advanced grade level standards.
    • Use completed assignment outline with questions/answers for error analysis and further discussion.
    • Students create a screencast walking through their processing and understanding of each problem.
  • Inquiry Based Lessons (IBLs)
    • After completed once as a class, allow students to choose a topic/project of interest.
    • Select projects based on topic content to align with learning in cross curricular classes or community initiatives.
    • Encourage students to design their own focus questions.


  • Library Articles
    • Assign Social Studies/Science curriculum aligned articles to expand content learning.
    • Create a class challenge to read a specific number of text from selected non-fiction genres (Example: Article Genre BINGO).
    • Assign students articles OR change their level to a higher level such that they can self-select more challenging texts.
    • Students share out key learnings and take-aways in small groups.
  • Skills Practice
    • Teachers or students create a rotating schedule of domains to focus practice time.
    • Students practice in domains that connect to their personal independent reading.
    • Students develop their own hard-copy "city" of buildings as they work through the skills practice domains.
  • Decodables/Sight Words/Word Study
    • Students work through components independently at their own pace.
    • Students use focus topics/words/sounds as guide for story/play creation.
    • Students create sight word/letter sound pictures to add to the classroom/personal space as they master content.