Freckle Implementation Ideas

Using Freckle for Differentiated Practice

How do I reach every student in my classroom at their level?

Display Freckle practice mode chosen for student practice on projector or board (be specific).

  • Consider topics for review and topics currently being taught.
  • Outline expectations for practice (e.g. Practice adaptively in NBT for 10 minutes). (Note: On average, a student can answer 1 question in 1 minute.)
  • Example: Have everyone practice NBT, and it will be at their level (not necessarily their grade level).

Use Activity Feed to monitor students during and post-Freckle practice.

  • Select Activity Feed on the teacher home ( and use the filters.
    • Select a time frame, subject, and type of practice.
    • Short time frames recommended for quick review.
  • For differentiated practice, select only the practice assigned.

No computer/tablet access? Use printables (worksheets) instead!

  • Math: select a domain, and get a personalized worksheet at each student's practice level. All printables come with Answer Keys for you to ease correcting.
  • ELA: Articles are printable with and without answers.
  • More info on printables can be found here.

Review reports—inform next instruction!

  • "Class Grouping Report"—see where your students are adaptively in math. Click here for more info.
  • "Report Card"—see a holistic picture of your student over time. Click here to learn more.
  • "ELA Standards Report" (Additional Filters second tab)—see how your students are progressing in ELA Skills practice, Article, and Story practice as well! Click here to learn more.