How do I merge my existing Freckle students with admin-managed ones?

Who can do this with default user permissions?



As an existing Freckle teacher whose school enabled Clever, ClassLink, and bulk-roster integration, you must merge your old students with the new ones downloaded into your roster from your SIS.

Note that, while technically you're not mandated to perform the merge between your SIS students and the Freckle ones right away, it is strongly recommended you do that as early as you can to avoid confusion while using Freckle.

  1. Log in: Log in at You can also log into your teacher account from your Clever, ClassLink, or bulk-roster dashboard now if you so prefer.
  2. Start the merge flow: If this is your first login, you will be presented with the student merger screen.

    This page will be your default home page until the merger is completed. You can always go back to this page by selecting the Freckle logo in the upper-left corner of the page, by choosing a class in your roster and selecting either Merge class with Clever roster or Merge class with ClassLink roster.

  3. Merge one student at a time: Choose how to merge each student in your existing sections. Pick an unmerged student and use the drop-down list to the right to select what to do with the student:

    • Pick a recommended merging target from the "Suggested Matches from..." section. (The images below show these steps being performed for a merge from Clever.)
    • Do not merge the student—there is no match for this student in the students synced from the SIS.
    • Manually pick a student if the suggestion section wasn't able to recommend the correct student to you.
    Note that this drop-down list gives you as much context as possible on which student you're merging into, e.g. section and grade, in case you have multiple students with the same name.

  4. Complete merging current section: Once you're done picking a merge option for each student, you can complete the merger by selecting Merge students.

  5. Complete merging all sections: Repeat steps 3 and 4 for other sections if you have more than one.

    The merged students will need to log in with their SIS-assigned first name, last name and a NEW class code. All three can be found on the Roster page of the Teacher Home.