How do the Algebra 1 standards in Freckle align with the Common Core standards?

Based on teacher feedback and to give teachers more flexibility in working with Algebra 1 concepts, we named these standards to follow a logical teaching progression from Linear Exponential Quadratic. This differs from the recommended Common Core progression but, rest assured, each of our Freckle standards aligns directly with a Common Core standard. The mapping is shown in the table below.

For example, Common Core standard A.SSE.1a covers linear, exponential and quadratic expressions. We know teachers are not teaching all of these concepts at once so we created our own standards (9.LEE.4, 9.EEE.3, 9.QEE.1) which directly address the Common Core standard but break it apart into three manageable portions. This aligns better with how Algebra 1 is being taught in classrooms and gives teachers more flexibility in when they want students to learn certain concepts.

Common Core Standard Freckle Standard Algebra 1 Concept
N.Q.1 9.LEE.1 Linear
N.Q.2 9.LEE.2 Linear
N.Q.3 9.LEE.3 Linear
A.SSE.1a 9.LEE.4 Linear
A.SSE.1b 9.LEE.5 Linear
A.CED.1 9.LEE.6 Linear
A.CED.2 9.LEE.7 Linear
A.CED.3 9.LEE.8 Linear
A.CED.4 9.LEE.9 Linear
A.REI.1 9.LEE.10 Linear
A.REI.3 9.LEE.11 Linear
A.REI.5 9.LEE.12 Linear
A.REI.6 9.LEE.13 Linear
A.REI.10 9.LEE.14 Linear
A.REI.12 9.LEE.15 Linear
F.IF.1 9.LF.1 Linear
F.IF.2 9.LF.2 Linear
F.IF.3 9.LF.3 Linear
F.IF.4 9.LF.4 Linear
F.IF.5 9.LF.5 Linear
F.IF.6 9.LF.6 Linear
F.IF.7a 9.LF.7 Linear
F.IF.9 9.LF.8 Linear
F.BF.1a 9.LF.9 Linear
F.BF.2 9.LF.10 Linear
F.BF.3 9.LF.11 Linear
N.RN.1 9.EEE.1 Exponential
N.RN.2 9.EEE.2 Exponential
A.SSE.1a 9.EEE.3 Integer Exponential
A.SSE.1b 9.EEE.4 Integer Exponential
A.CED.1 9.EEE.5 Exponential
A.CED.2 9.EEE.6 Exponential
A.REI.10 9.EEE.7 Exponential
F.IF.4 9.EF.1 Exponential
F.IF.5 9.EF.2 Exponential
F.IF.6 9.EF.3 Exponential
F.IF.7e 9.EF.4 Exponential
F.IF.9 9.EF.5 Exponential
F.BF.1a 9.EF.6 Exponential
F.BF.2 9.EF.7 Exponential
F.BF.3 9.EF.8 Exponential
A.SSE.1b 9.EF.9 Rational Exponential
A.SSE.3c 9.EF.10 Exponential
F.IF.8b 9.EF.11 Exponential
F.LE.1bc 9.CLE.1 Linear + Exponential
F.LE.1a 9.CLE.2 Linear + Exponential
F.LE.2 9.CLE.3 Linear + Exponential
A.REI.11 9.CLE.4 Linear + Exponential
F.LE.3 9.CLE.5 Linear + Exponential
F.LE.5 9.CLE.6 Linear + Exponential
F.BF.1b 9.CLE.7 Linear + Exponential
S.ID.1 9.DS.1 Statistics
S.ID.2 9.DS.2 Statistics
S.ID.3 9.DS.3 Statistics
S.ID.5 9.DS.4 Statistics
S.ID.6 9.DS.5 Statistics
S.ID.6a 9.DS.6 Statistics
S.ID.6b 9.DS.7 Statistics
S.ID.6c 9.DS.8 Statistics
S.ID.7 9.DS.9 Statistics
S.ID.8 9.DS.10 Statistics
S.ID.9 9.DS.11 Statistics
A.SSE.1a 9.QEE.1 Quadratic
A.SSE.1b 9.QEE.2 Quadratic
A.SSE.2 9.QEE.3 Quadratic
A.SSE.3a 9.QEE.4 Quadratic
A.SSE.3b 9.QEE.5 Quadratic
A.APR.1 9.QEE.6 Quadratic
A.CED.1 9.QEE.7 Quadratic
A.CED.2 9.QEE.8 Quadratic
A.CED.4 9.QEE.9 Quadratic
A.REI.4a 9.QEE.10 Quadratic
A.REI.4b 9.QEE.11 Quadratic
A.REI.7 9.QEE.12 Quadratic
N.RN.3 9.QF.1 Quadratic
F.IF.4 9.QF.2 Quadratic
F.IF.5 9.QF.3 Quadratic
F.IF.6 9.QF.4 Quadratic
F.IF.7a 9.QF.5 Quadratic
F.IF.8a 9.QF.6 Quadratic
F.IF.9 9.QF.7 Quadratic
F.BF.1a 9.QF.8 Quadratic
F.BF.1b 9.QF.9 Quadratic
F.BF.3 9.QF.10 Quadratic
F.BF.4a 9.QF.11 Quadratic
F.LE.3 9.QF.12 Quadratic
F.IF.7b 9.QF.13 Quadratic