Customer Center - System Status

Once you've logged in to the Customer Center, you can check the status of your Renaissance site by selecting My support at the top of the page and then selecting System Status.

There may be a brief pause while your system's status is being retrieved. When it is ready, the System Status page will show the current state of your Renaissance site.

An example System Status page, showing service events and planned maintenance for a Renaissance site. A legend is provided for the icons used.

The System Status page shows icons indicating the current status of your Renaissance site and any service/maintenance events that have taken place in the last seven days. Details about any events are listed below.

If you have access to more than one Renaissance site, you can check the status of another site by selecting View system status for another site above the table, selecting another site from the drop-down list, and then selecting Retrieve System Status. (You will not see this link if only have access to one Renaissance site.)