Customer Center - Subscriptions and Capacity

Who can do this with default user permissions?

District Level Administrators, District Staff, School Level Administrators, School Staff, Teachers

Viewing Capacity

Once you've logged in to the Customer Center, you can view your subscriptions and capacity by selecting Products at the top of the page and then selecting Subscriptions.

This will redirect you to the Subscriptions & Capacity page in Renaissance, where you will be able to view your subscription(s) and capacity information.

On that page, you can purchase add-on capacity by selecting Purchase Add-On Capacity next to a specific product and District or School location.

Choose the school if necessary, then enter the quantity of additional student capacity spots you would like to purchase for each product, then select Next. (Capacity will be prorated to match your current subscription end date).

An example of purchasing additional capacity. For the chosen school, '100' is entered in the Additional Students column to allow 100 more students to use the product shown.

Enter the payment method, contact and billing information. Select Next to continue.

The Billing Information screen, where the billing method, contact information, mailing address, and phone number for the purchaser are added.

Review your order information, and then click Submit when you are ready to complete your order.

A confirmation email will be sent to confirm the order was received. Capacity orders are given priority and will be processed as quickly as possible, typically in about one hour. You will receive another email once the additional student capacity has been installed and is available for use.