Customer Center - Professional Development

Once you've logged in to the Customer Center, you can begin scheduling professional development sessions (purchased by your school or district) by selecting Products at the top of the page and then selecting Professional Development.

On this page, you will see descriptions of the types of professional development sessions available (Onsite, Remote, Virtual Onsite, and Data Coaching). If your school or district has purchased one or more sessions but has not scheduled them yet, select the button under the description of the appropriate session type to begin scheduling.

An example list of sessions, showing four different types of sessions, each with its own scheduling button: Onsite, Remote, Virtual Onsite, and Data Coaching.

A page will open listing any unscheduled sessions you have purchased of the chosen type (the example below is for a Remote session). Select Request to schedule the session.

On the next page, either enter a date in the Choose a date field, or select the calendar button on the right side of the field to select a date. Then, select Submit.

After a brief moment to process the request, you will see a confirmation message. A Renaissance representative will get in touch with you to confirm the details of your scheduling request.