Customer Center - Messages

Once you've logged in to the Customer Center, you can check your messages by selecting the bell icon at the top of the page. The number of messages you have is shown by the icon; an exclamation mark is shown when you have new messages.

The list of messages provides information about your capacity, maintenance issues, and system status.

  • Select a message to read it; when you're done reading the message, use the Messages link at the top of the page to return to the message list.

  • Unread messages are in bold type and have a dark blue bar on the left side of the row.
  • Use the Category, Account, and Renaissance ID drop-down lists at the top to filter the messages shown. These are set to All by default.
  • Select one of the column headings to change how the list is sorted (indicated by an arrow); select the same heading a second time to change the sort from ascending to descending or vice-versa. The default setting, shown in the example above, is to sort by date in descending order.