Customer Center - Cases

Once you've logged in to the Customer Center, you can begin working with your cases by selecting My support at the top of the page and then selecting Cases, or you can go directly to creating a new case by selecting Create Case in the lower part of the page.

On the Support page, you will see a record of any cases you have submitted before.

  • Use the drop-down list on the left to limit the view to Open Cases, Closed Cases, or All Cases).
  • To search for a specific case, enter a keyword in the Search field and then select the search icon .
  • Select one of the column headings to change how the list is sorted; select the same heading a second time to change the sort from ascending to descending or vice-versa. The example below is sorted by "Created On" date in descending order.
  • Select an existing case to add comments to it.
  • Select Open a New Case on the right to create a new case.

Creating a New Case

  1. Use the Contact Preference drop-down list to choose how you want to be contacted about the status of your case (phone call, email, or a message left in the Customer Center).

    If you choose Call, enter your preferred phone number in the Preferred Phone field that opens.

    If you choose Email, enter your preferred contact address in the Preferred Email field that opens.

  2. Enter a title for the issue in the Issue Title field—this will make it easier to find the case in your list of cases.
  3. Use the Topic drop-down list to select a topic that most accurately describes what the case is about.
  4. Use the Product drop-down list to select which product the case is about.
  5. It may help us resolve your case if we have permission to access your Renaissance site. Select Yes to give us permission, or No if you do not want us to access your site.
  6. In the How may we help you? field, describe the issue that prompted the creation of this case. Be as specific as you can: explain what procedures you were trying to perform when the problem arose, describe any error messages or alerts you've seen, whether your case is in regard to a performance issue, etc.
  7. Once you have entered all the information for the new case, select Submit at the bottom of the page.
  8. You will be taken back to the Support page, and you will see a confirmation message:

    A confirmation message, beginning with the case number.

    Once the page refreshes, you will see your case added to the list below. The arrow at the top of a column indicates which column is being used for sorting and the order of the sort ( = A–Z/earliest date at top, = Z–A/most recent date at top).

    A table of active cases, showing each case in four columns: number, title, topic, and creation date.

You cannot delete a case once it has been submitted. You can add comments and view previous correspondence on the case by selecting the case in the list.

Renaissance will contact you (using the method you selected under Contact Preference) when the case has been resolved or if more information is required from you.