Reviewing a Star Custom Test

  • If a Star Custom test is made up of questions that can be all be scored automatically, students will be shown their test results immediately after they submit their answers (see "Test Results" below). A Star Custom test that can be reviewed will be listed as "Completed" in the student's Assignments list on the Home page; the student can select the name of the test at any time to review the test.

  • If a Star Custom test has items that need to be hand-scored by a teacher (for example, constructed-response questions), the student will have to wait until the teacher is finished scoring the test before reviewing it. The student will see a notification at the end of the test—after selecting Exit, the student will be taken to the Home page.

    Tests that have not been scored yet will be listed as "Submitted" in a sub-entry in the student's Assignments list on the Home page. After the test has been hand-scored, its status will change to "Completed," and the student can select the test to review it (see "Test Results" below).

Test Results

At the top of the Star Custom Test Score page, students will see their test score and a square for each question on the test. Questions the student got correct are marked with a green check mark: . Questions the student got wrong are marked with a red X: .

Questions that the student did not answer are marked as wrong. Hand-scored questions where the student was given 0 points are also marked as wrong.

Students can select the square for a question to go to that question. The answer the student gave will be highlighted; if the student gave the wrong answer, both the student's answer and the correct answer are highlighted.

Students can navigate between questions the same way they do during a test: using the < Back and Next > buttons, or selecting the squares at the bottom of the screen.

Students return to the Star Custom Test Score page by going to the last question in the test and selecting Finish.

The chart in the middle of the Star Custom Test Score page lists the skills that were measured by the test, and the student's mastery level of those skills based solely on the results of this test.

The number shown is the percentage of questions related to each skill that the student answered correctly. Note that a question can cover more than one skill. The percentages in the example below (where each question is worth 1 point) are based on the following combination of questions and skills:

Skill Questions Addressing
that Skill
Use a bar graph with scaled intervals... 1, 3 1, 3 (2/2) = 100%
Draw a scaled pictograph or scaled bar graph... 1, 2, 4, 5 1, 2, 5 (3/4) = 75%
Solve a 1- or 2-step... 2, 3, 6 2, 3 (2/3) = 66%

To see more in-depth information about a student's mastery levels (including data from a number of Renaissance programs), teachers should use the Monitor Student Mastery Dashboard.

At the bottom of the Star Custom Test Score page, students select Exit to finish reviewing the test.