Selecting a Subject

How do I get to this page?

  1. Log in to Renaissance.
  2. On the Home page, select Star Custom.
  3. In the header of the Assessment Progress page, select Create/Edit Assessment.
  4. On the Assessments page, select Create Assessment.

Who can create assessments with default user permissions?

  • District Level Administrators/District Staff: for any class or school in the district
  • School Level Administrators/School Staff: for any class in their own school
  • Teachers: for any of their own classes

  1. Select the subject for your new assessment: Reading, Math, or Science.

    If you select Science, the subject will be displayed as Reading (with Science items) in the next step.

  2. After making your choice, select Continue to go to the next step.

You can only have one draft assessment per subject at a time with "Untitled" as its name. If you already have a draft like this, when you select Continue, a pop-up window will open where you can choose to either delete the existing Untitled draft assessment or edit it (so you can give it a name and continue making a new one).