Star Reading Resources

A number of resources are available to help you use Star Reading in the classroom more effectively:

Test Administration
Star Reading™ Test Administration Manual Provides preparation checklist and sample script to use with students taking the Star Reading Enterprise test (includes the procedures formerly found in the Star Reading Enterprise Pretest Instructions).
Star 360® Implementation Guide Gives educators essential information about using Star 360 assessments.
Tips for Getting Started Provides helpful hints to get you started using the program.
At-Home Reading Activities Provides simple activities that parents or guardians can do with children in grades K–3 to strengthen their reading skills.
A Parent's Guide to Star Assessments A list of questions and answers for parents.
K–3 Guidance for Renaissance Star Assessments® Guidelines to help you decide which Renaissance Star assessment to administer to your kindergarten through grade 3 students.
Score Definitions Explains test scores.
Enterprise Benchmarks and Cut Scores Provides guidelines to help categorize student performance.
Unified Benchmarks and Cut Scores Provides guidelines using the Unified scale to help categorize student performance.
Star Assessments™ for Reading Technical Manual Provides technical information about how the program was developed.
Student Growth Percentiles—Learn More Explains Student Growth Percentiles (SGP) and defines testing windows.
Kindergarten Literacy Readiness Indicators: Enterprise Scale Provides list of initial early literacy skills expected of kindergarteners and sample parent letter for communicating students' progress.
Grade Three Reading Proficiency Indicators: Enterprise Scale Provides lists of skills designating reading proficiency from kindergarten through third grade, and sample parent letters for communicating students' progress.
College Readiness (ACT Indicator) Reference Tables The product of a research study linking Star and ACT's EXPLORE test that can be used as a predictive indicator of the extent to which students are on track to be college ready by the end of the 12th grade.
Core Progress Learning Progression
Core Progress® for Reading An empirically validated learning progression.