Finalizing the Schedule and Assigning the Third Grade Reading Proficiency Assessment

Who can do this with default user permissions?

  • District Level Administrators: any class or group in any school in the district
  • School Level Administrators: any class or group in their own school
  • Teachers: any of their own classes or groups

Assigning the Third Grade Reading Proficiency Assessment is a four-stage process—this page is for the fourth stage:

  1. Selecting the students you want to take the assessment and the date they can begin
  2. Confirming the assessment
  3. Selecting the assessment
  4. Finalizing the schedule and assigning the assessment

  1. When the Schedule Assessment page opens, you will see a pop-up window confirming the assessment information you have selected up to this point. In the pop-up, you can change the start or end dates , or delete the assessment . When you are done reviewing or changing the information, select Done .

    The Configure Assessments window, showing the single assessment that is being scheduled. The name of the assessment and the group it is intended for are shown, along with the first day it should be available to students. The Done button is at the bottom.

  2. On the Schedule Assessment page, the assessment you are scheduling is in the Assessments row . (If the range of dates for the assessment is more than five days long, a scrollbar will appear above the calendar row at the top of the page so you can move back and forth through the entire range of dates .)

    A calendar showing the day the assessment is assigned for.

    You can change the dates for the assessment, either by selecting the dates on the card or clicking on the "gripper" dots and dragging the assessment to a new date.

    Two examples for changing dates are shown here. On the left, the dates on the assessment are highlighted; they can be selected to change them. On the right, an assessment is being dragged from one day on the calendar to the prior day.

    • Dragging an assessment to a new date will change the start date for that assessment. An assessment that has a start and stop date can have its stop date changed by dragging it past the existing stop date, but dragging it back again will not change the stop date back.
    • Dragging an assessment is best for changing the start date for that assessment. Selecting an assessment and entering an end date is the preferred way to change the stop date for an assessment.

  3. When you have finished assigning the assessment to specific dates, select Create Assessments at the bottom of the page .

  4. A message will remind you about what happens when you assign the assessment. Select Continue to proceed, or Cancel to continue adjusting the schedule.

    The Assign This Assessment message, which reminds you which students the assessment is assigned to and when the assessment will be available to students. The Continue and Cancel buttons are at the bottom.

  5. A message will confirm the assignment of the assessments. Select OK .

    The Assignments Assigned message includes the name of the lesson plan and the dates it is scheduled for. The OK button is at the bottom.

Once the start date for an assessment arrives, students will see the assessment in the Assignments list on their Home page .

A student assignment list. The student has used the drop-down lists at the top to view all assignments from everyone. The Third Grade Reading Proficiency Assessment is ready for the student.