Mobile Devices and Star Math/Star Math Spanish

Certain combinations of web browsers and devices that use Apple's iOS can block the audio in the Star Math/Star Math Spanish test from playing automatically (if audio is being used). The affected devices/browsers are indicated with an X in the chart below.

Device Safari Chrome Firefox
iPad Air 2 (iOS 15.2) X X X
iPad Air 4 (iOS 14) X
iPad Air 12.9 (iOS 14) X X
iPad Air 2019 (iOS 13) X X
iPad Air X
iPad 6th Gen (iOS 11) X
iPad mini 2019 (iOS 12) X X
iPad Pro (iOS 13) X X
iPad Pro (iOS 10.3) X
Mac Mojave X (12.1)
Mac El Capitan 10.11.6 X (11.1.2)
Note: This list is not exhaustive; there may be other device + browser combinations that experience the same issue.

If a student is trying to take or resume a Star Math/Star Math Spanish test using a device + browser combination that does not support automatically playing audio, the student will be presented with a large Play button on the screen before the first question.

The student will need to tap Play in order to see the question; after that, the audio will either work normally (and the student will not see the Play button again) or the student will need to tap Play before every question—the button will only appear if and when it is necessary.