What Is Star Early Literacy?

Star Early Literacy is a customized reading test for students to take on a computer. The test is designed for students in grades pre-K through 3 (beginning readers who do not yet read independently or need early literacy skills assessed). This computer-adaptive test chooses each question from a large pool of test items, making subsequent questions more or less difficult than the prior question depending on whether the student answered the prior question correctly. The pool of test items is large, and the software tracks which questions a student has already seen, so a specific question will not be repeated for a student within a 120-day window.

Teachers can use Reading Reports to determine the reading level of each student and to measure growth. Students can finish a Star Early Literacy test in about 15 minutes.

Students must be assigned to a grade from Pre-K–12 in order to see Star Early Literacy when they log in.

Star Early Literacy is normed for grades K–3. For more information, see the "Norming" chapter of the Star Assessments™ for Early Literacy Technical Manual.