Summary Dashboard Help

Opening the Summary Dashboard

On the Home page, select Other Math & Reading Apps. Then, on the Other Math & Reading Apps page, select Summary Dashboard under Dashboards and Reporting.

Who Can See the Summary Dashboard?

You must have a current subscription for at least one of the products that appear on the Summary Dashboard (Accelerated Math Live or MathFacts in a Flash) in order to access the Dashboard.

District users will see the Summary Dashboard button when at least one of these products is available for one or more schools in their district.

School users will see the Summary Dashboard button when at least one of these products is available for one or more schools they are assigned to.

Teachers will see the Summary Dashboard button when at least one of these products is available for one or more schools they are assigned to and they are a teacher for at least one class with that product.

What Is Included in the Summary Dashboard

For Accelerated Math Live

  • Success Index: Percent of students who averaged at least 85% on tests in the last 30 days.
  • Participation: Percent of students with at least one assignment scored in the last 30 days.
  • Engaged Time: An estimate of the number of minutes per day that students were actively engaged in learning and practicing math during the school year to date.
  • Totals: Objectives mastered and tests scored based on regular and diagnostic tests.

For MathFacts in a Flash

  • Benchmarks: Percent of students that have mastered the benchmark level for their grade out of all those in MathFacts in a Flash classes.
  • Totals: Levels mastered and facts practiced based on all practices and tests taken.

How Often Is Dashboard Data Updated?

The Totals metrics are updated periodically between 3 P.M. and 6 P.M. CST. All other data is updated nightly (including any custom views you've added to the Dashboard).

Choosing Which Products to View on the Dashboard

If you don't want to see all of your products on the Summary Dashboard, follow these steps to choose which ones to view. (The settings have no effect on any custom charts that you have added.)

  1. Select the Settings button () in the upper-right corner of the page.
  2. In the settings, check or uncheck the products as needed. Checked products will be shown no the Dashboard; those that aren't checked won't be shown.

Notice that the settings also include a check box for opening the Summary Dashboard automatically whenever you log in. If you check the box, the Summary Dashboard will open first whenever you select Other Math & Reading Apps on your Home page.

Getting Details and Customizing

Select one of the Dashboard panels for a product (Success IndexParticipationEngaged TimeBenchmarksProbable Readers, or Totals) to see details or to choose how you want to view information. For example, for Accelerated Math, you could select the Participation panel shown below.

You will see a graph and options for the information you'd like to see. Select  to see a definition of the metric and a list of related reports.

You can also choose a timeframe, group (such as a district or school), and how to view information (a summary, by teachers, by grades, etc.).

Select Add Chart if you want to put a copy of this view on the Dashboard.

To print the chart, select , then choose Print chart. This option is not available on some tablet devices.

Select Cancel to leave the window.

Rearranging the Dashboard


To move one of the summaries, select the blue, green, or purple bar at the top of it and drag the summary.

Custom Views

If you've added custom views to the Dashboard, you can move them. Changes to window positions are saved when you log out of the Summary Dashboard or leave the page.

Select  to change custom views. After making your changes, select Update Chart.

Select  to remove the view from the Dashboard.

Accelerated Math Objectives Mastered

To see this information, view the Totals metric in the Accelerated Math Summary.

MathFacts in a Flash

Benchmarks can be set per grade per school in the MathFacts in a Flash software. Percentages are calculated based on all students in MathFacts in a Flash classes.

Missing Grades

When you view data by grade, grades that have no students enrolled in Accelerated Math or MathFacts in a Flash classes will not be shown.

Going Back to the Other Math & Reading Apps Page

Select  to go back to the Other Math & Reading Apps page.

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