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The ability to perform certain tasks in products that are listed on the Other Math & Reading Apps page. (Other products use user permissions.) Default capabilities are assigned to people based on what user group they belong to, but they can be changed (either for existing users or new users).

Additional software that can be downloaded to be used with certain products and/or hardware, such as the AccelScan and Renaissance Responder programs.

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Preferences, when selected, determine what program functions are available or unavailable. Some preferences affect an entire school or district; others preferences in your Renaissance products are specific to a class. Preferences are unlike options, which are usually temporary and only affect the person choosing them.

The individual programs in Renaissance software, such as Accelerated Reader, Accelerated Math, English in a Flash, MathFacts in a Flash, and the Star products.

A customized analysis of various pieces of Renaissance data, often including charts and graphs. Individual products on the Other Math & Reading Apps page have their own reports, with their own options and methods of generation.

Third-party software that is used by some Renaissance products, such as Adobe Reader.

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