District Administrator Capabilities

Capabilities apply only to products that are listed on the Other Math & Reading Apps page (Accelerated Math, Accelerated Math 2.0, English in a Flash, and MathFacts in a Flash). Other products use user permissions instead. For those products, see the User Permissions Table.

The table below lists the capabilities that district administrators have by default for products that appear on the Other Math & Reading Apps page in the software. Capabilities that do not apply to any of those products have been omitted here, but you may see them when you set capabilities.


Determines Who Can...

Content (most tasks done by Renaissance)

Manage Content Manage content, such as quizzes or libraries.
View Content View content, such as quizzes or libraries.

Student Information

District-Level View of Student and Personnel Information View student and personnel information in all schools (not just schools to which they may be assigned). Only users who should see information for all schools should be granted this capability.
View Students and Class Enrollments View student information, including class enrollment.

Classroom Work

Manage Classroom Activities Manage student assignments, goals, scores, and classroom reports, including Assignment Books.
School-Level Access Access all classes in products that appear on the Other Math & Reading Apps page.
View Classroom View classroom work, such as student assignments, goals, and scores, including Assignment Books.


District Reports View reports for all levels: district, schools, teachers, classes, or students.
School Reports View reports for individual schools and their teachers, classes, and students.
Teacher Reports View reports for an individual teacher's classes.
Parent Reports View parent reports.
Filter Reports by Characteristics Limit reports to students who have been assigned specific characteristics in Renaissance software.
Filter Reports by Ethnicity Limit reports to students with specific ethnicities, which are set when you add students or edit their information.

Software Preferences

Manage District Preferences Change district-level preferences. Most products do not have district-level preferences.
Manage School Preferences Change school-level preferences. District personnel can change these for any school.
View District Preferences View district preferences.
View School Preferences View school-level preferences.
Manage Default Capabilities Choose the capabilities for any person or group using Renaissance software that appears on the Other Math & Reading Apps page. District personnel can manage capabilities for any group at any school or at the district.
View Default Capabilities View the capabilities given to new users in each group. Capabilities for existing users may be different. District personnel can view capabilities for district personnel and personnel in any school.

District administrators who already have all these capabilities cannot have others added. You can, however, remove capabilities. Some capabilities that are intended for other groups may not be available to district administrators.