Capabilities apply only to products that are listed on the Other Math & Reading Apps page (Accelerated Math, Accelerated Math 2.0, English in a Flash, and MathFacts in a Flash). Other products use user permissions instead.

Capabilities give users the right to perform specific tasks in the software. Capabilities are sometimes known as rightsaccess, and/or privileges.

What determines which capabilities you have? When you were added to the Renaissance software, your permission group was selected (teacher, school staff, school level administrator, district staff, district dashboard owner, or district level administrator). The capabilities that you have are based on the user group they belong to.

Students automatically see only those tasks that are necessary for their work in the software.

To see a list of the default capabilities for new users added to each user group, select the links below. These are the capabilities that the group will have if no changes have been made by the district or school administrator.

Capabilities can be changed, but only by district administrators or school administrators. (Teachers cannot view or change their capabilities.) Administrators can change capabilities for users already added to the software or those who will be added to the software later (new users). For more information, select one of the links below.

Editing or viewing default capabilities for existing users in a group

Editing or viewing default capabilities for new users in a group

Some capabilities affect more than one product. Other capabilities are specific to certain products.

On the Other Math & Reading Apps page, your user group determines what you can access. If you have been given more capabilities, you may have a Change Role option available when you select your name on the Other Math & Reading Apps page. You may need to use the Change Role option to choose a different user type so you can see some of the links that you need.