This page lists the client application software and supporting software that you may need to use some Renaissance products.

If any programs need to be installed or updated, make sure you are logged into the computer with the rights or permissions required to install software for all users. If you do not know whether you have those rights at the computer, or if you don't have those rights, contact your school's technology/computer coordinator.

Server name or address

This is the name or IP address of your Renaissance site. Note this information if you will be using the AccelScan or Renaissance Responder software; those programs require you to enter the server name or address.

Renaissance Place ID

This is a unique identifier that provides a shortcut to your Renaissance site. The Renaissance ID also appears on the Renaissance Welcome page.

Renaissance Place Downloads

This section includes programs that work with your Renaissance products. The tab for your operating system is selected; to see the downloads for other operating systems, select another tab.

The AccelScan and Renaissance Responder programs are used for scoring paper assignments in Accelerated Math Live and Accelerated Math 2.0.

If you need any of these programs, select the name of the program or its Download link. Some links will begin downloading the program; others will take you to a website where you can get the program.

Third-Party Downloads

The PDF reader is listed here. A PDF reader is required for viewing and printing reports and some assignments. To find out whether your computer has a PDF reader program, select Test. If you have a PDF reader, a PDF file with a confirmation message will open. If this does not happen, select Download to find out how to download Adobe Reader.

To see your browser and operating system information and the browser requirements, select System on the left side of the page (or at the top). To check your connection to the servers used for your Renaissance site, select Support.