User Names and Passwords

See User Names and Passwords in the setup help for detailed information about your student and personnel user names and passwords.

You can also see your students' user names and passwords starting from the Other Math & Reading Apps page. On that page, select Users. Select View Students; then, select the Passwords tab.

For Renaissance Home Connect, parents use their child's user name and password.

Monitor Password

A monitor password may be required when a student stops a test or a mandatory practice. The MathFacts in a Flash Monitor Password Preference determines if the monitor password is used and what the monitor password is. By default, the monitor password is required.

Locked Accounts

Accounts become locked when a user enters a wrong password too many times. Student accounts are unlocked automatically after 5 minutes. Personnel accounts are unlocked automatically after 30 minutes. If you need accounts unlocked sooner, administrators can unlock accounts for students or for personnel.