Reporting Parameter Groups

Reporting parameter groups are customized student groups that allow you to focus your reports on students who meet specific criteria. A reporting parameter group can include students enrolled in the school prior to a certain date and/or with a specific ethnicity, gender, language, characteristics, and/or grade.

When you customize certain MathFacts in a Flash reports, you can select or create a reporting parameter group to use on the report. The reporting parameter groups that you create in MathFacts in a Flash are available to Accelerated Math Live and English in a Flash as well, but they are not available to other users.

To set up or change a reporting parameter group, follow these steps:

  1. Start by selecting Create New or Edit Selected on the Report Options page.
  2. The Reporting Parameter Groups page will open.

  3. To create a new reporting parameter group, go to step 3 and begin selecting the group information.
  4. To edit an existing reporting parameter group, choose the group name from the drop-down list at the top of the page. Note: After you select a reporting parameter group, you can delete it by selecting Delete below the drop-down list. You will only see the Delete button after you select an existing group.

  5. Type the group's name in the Reporting Parameter Group Name field to create or change the group name.
  6. Next, choose the properties that you want to include:
    • Type the date in the Enroll Date field to limit the students included in reports by the date they were first enrolled in the school. You can also click the calendar button to the right of the field and choose a date from the calendar. Only students who were enrolled in the school before that date will be included.
    • Check the box by each item you want to include, such as ethnicities, genders, primary languages, characteristics, and/or grades. For each category, you also can click select all or deselect all under the category name.
    • If you do not see ethnicity or characteristics on the page, it is because you do not have the Filter Reports by Ethnicity and Filter Reports by Characteristics capabilities.

    • For characteristics, click Any or All to specify whether the group should include students with any of the selected characteristics or only those with all of the selected characteristics.

      Ethnicity, gender, language, and grade can be specified when you add students or edit their information.

      Characteristics are not specified when you add or edit student information; instead, you must manually edit students' characteristics.

      If you cannot select ethnicity or characteristics for the reporting parameter group, it's because the Filter Reports by Ethnicity and Filter Reports by Characteristics capabilities were removed.

  7. Click Save when you have finished.

When you go back to the Report Options page, the reporting parameter groups that you have created will be available to select in the Reporting Parameter Group row.

Reporting parameter groups do not need to be limited to one category. You can select options from any of the categories to create a very specific reporting group. For example, you could set up a group that includes students who are Hispanic, female, with a primary language of Spanish, who are gifted and talented, and are in grades 1, 2, or 3.