Editing the Time-Out Preference

Who can do this with default capabilities?

District Administrator, School Administrator, Teacher

Note: District staff and school staff can view the setting, but they cannot change it.

The Time-Out preference allows you to specify the amount of time your students can spend on a single problem or on the whole practice or test. If students reach the time limit for the practice or test, the program will stop the activity. If they reach the time limit for a specific problem, the program will go on to the next problem.

The defaults are:

  • Time-Out per Practice or Test: 10 minutes
  • Time-Out per Problem: 30 seconds

What this preference affects

This preference affects students who are working in MathFacts in a Flash at school. It does not affect students using Renaissance Home Connect.

Changing the preference settings

    1. On the Home page, select Other Math & Reading Apps.
    2. On the next page, select MathFacts in a Flash; then, select Preferences.
  1. If necessary, use the School and Class drop-down lists (above the preferences tables) to choose the school and class.
  2. Under Classroom Preferences, select Time-Out.
  3. To change each time limit, change the number in the field.
  4. Time-Out per Practice or Test: Enter the new limit in minutes. The default setting is 10 minutes, but you can enter any number from 5 minutes to 99 minutes. If the student has not finished a practice or test by the time the limit is reached, the program stops the practice or test.

    Time-Out per Problem: Enter the new limit in seconds. The default time limit per problem is 30 seconds.

    If the student times out on a problem, it will be counted as

    • incorrect if the student has not selected an answer or if the student has selected or entered the wrong answer when the program times out
    • correct if the student selects or enters the correct answer when the program times out

    To return to the default settings (10 minutes for a test or practice and 30 seconds per problem), select Default.

  5. Select Save. (If you want to leave the page without saving your changes, select Cancel.)