Viewing the Assignment Book

Who can do this with default capabilities?

District Administrator, School Administrator, Teacher

What You Can Do Using the Assignment Book

How to View the Assignment Book

  1. On the Home page, select Other Math & Reading Apps.
  2. On the Other Math & Reading Apps page, select Assignment Book.
  3. In the Assignment Book, if you see a School drop-down list, select it to choose the school you want to work with.
  4. If you see a Class drop-down list, select it and choose the class you want to work with.

    The Assignment Book page lists the students in the class you chose. For each student, you can see the level currently assigned , the number of tests and practices the student has completed in that level, the date of the last session , and the number of levels the student mastered so far .

    If a student's last session date is three or more days old, the session date appears in bold , indicating that the student hasn't worked in MathFacts in a Flash for a while.

  5. To see information about a specific student, select the student's name.
  6. On the Student Detail page, you'll see a list of the levels that the student has worked on. For each level, the list includes the number of tests and practices the student completed, the date of the last session, and the mastery time (if the student has mastered the level).

    To view the Student Details for another student, select the Student drop-down list and choose the student.

    To go back, select Return to Assignment Book on the left side of the page.

Student Work Not Shown in the Assignment Book

Work done in Renaissance Home Connect is not shown in the Assignment Book. That work can be tracked in two MathFacts in a Flash reports when you choose to include Practice Summaries:

This work is considered offline and does not count toward the mastery of levels. It is simply practice work that the student does outside of school work. The table below describes offline vs. online work in MathFacts in a Flash.

Program, Hardware, and Firmware Version Used by Students Online work that is shown in the Assignment Book?
MathFacts in a Flash in a web browser Computer or table in a web browser Yes
Renaissance Home Connect Computer or tablet using a web browser No