Student Review

English in a Flash offers two types of individualized reviews so that students who need a little more exposure to words have the opportunity to learn them.

  1. Focused Review is an automatic part of the lesson sequence. It gives students one more lesson containing items they missed (or were unable to test on) in Quizzes 3, 4, or 5. Following the Review lesson, students take a final quiz on those items. Correct answers are added to the student’s total score for the lesson.
  2. My Practice, available only from the student home page, functions outside the automatic lesson sequence. An optional review, it allows students to select their own vocabulary words (up to 90 per chapter) to review. No quiz follows this practice.

Students may select My Practice for any chapter (once they have completed Lesson 3 and its Focused Review).

Students find My Practice to be an extremely useful study tool because it offers many different types of reviews. Students may create study lists by selecting words

  • from the Words to Study Report
  • within a category (for example, all the animals in a chapter)
  • with similar sound (for example, all words with a long "e")
  • by type (for example, all proper nouns)