Student Record Report

The Student Record Report shows each student's work completed during a reporting period.

When you customize this report, you can choose the classes or students to include, the reporting parameter group, the reporting time period, whether to group students by class, and whether to print the report options that you've chosen on the report.

Higher scores replace lower scores as review scores become available.

For each chapter completed or in progress, the Student Record Report lists the following information:

  • the number and percentage of correct answers on all five quizzes, pretests, and reviews
  • the total words gained (does not include the pretest; available after Quiz 1)
  • the phrases/sentences correct
  • the sentences/dialogs correct
  • the total percentage correct on each chapter (includes pretest; available after Quiz 3)
  • a summary, which shows the Total Words Gained during the Reporting Period and the Current School Year to Date

An "x" is shown when something is skipped. A "-" (dash) is shown when no work has been done. See the example below:

For Chapter 1, the student took the pretest, scored 94%, and moved to the next chapter without taking any quizzes. All of the quizzes and the Total Words Gained columns for Chapter 1 display an "x".

For Chapter 7, the student took the pretest, scored less than 93%, took quiz 1, and got 6 correct. No other quizzes have been completed. The remaining quiz columns show a "-" (dash).