Report Options Page

Use the Reports Options page to choose options for the report you selected.

The available options depend on the report you've chosen.

After choosing the options you prefer, select View Report to generate the report.

To choose a different report, select Cancel.

These options are available for reports:

  • Select Students: Select a class to include from the drop-down list (or All Classes), or select the Students or Classes link to select specific classes or students. By default, all of your English in a Flash classes will be in the report.
  • The classes that are available are based on your position; you may be able to include your classes or the classes at your school.

  • Reporting Parameter Group: Choose or create a reporting parameter group to include in the report. Reporting parameter groups allow you to report on students who meet specific criteria, such as students enrolled before a specific date or students with specified ethnicities, genders, primary languages, characteristics, or grades. The reporting parameter groups you create in English in a Flash are also available in Accelerated Math Live, Accelerated Math 2.0, and MathFacts in a Flash if you have those products.
  • Select the drop-down list and choose a group that you have created. The default is All Demographics, which includes students from all the demographic groups. If the group that you want is not in the list, select Create New or Edit Selected.

  • Reporting Period: For some reports, you can choose the time period to report on. To choose one of the more common date ranges used in reports, select the Predefined Date Range drop-down list and select the date range you want to use (such as a marking period, the last 30 days, the last 7 days, this week, last week, this month, or last month).
  • To specify a different time period, select the circle in front of Custom Dates. Then, select the blank fields and enter the start and end dates for the time period. You can also select the calendar buttons to choose the dates.

  • Group by: For some reports, you can choose whether to group students on the report by class. Choose Class or Do Not Group.
  • Select Chapter: For the Word Grouping, Words Correct, and Words to Study Reports, you can choose the chapters to include. The default is Use Student's Current Chapter. To choose one or more specific chapters, click Select Chapters; then, select the library and choose the chapters to include.
  • Print Report Options: Check this box to print a list of the report options selected for this report. The list is printed on the first page of the report, under Report Options. This list can help you remember how you customized this report if you print the report again at a later date. By default, this box is checked and the list is printed on the report.
  • Graphics: For the Words to Study Report, you can check Show Graphics to choose whether to include a graphic with each word that the student needs to study. The graphics show a picture of each word to show the student what it means.