Recommended Reading Lists for English in a Flash

To ensure reading success for students using English in a Flash, Renaissance provides book recommendations. Current research shows that a second-language reader must know 90-98% of the words in a text in order to figure out the meaning of unknown words. Most researchers agree that 95% is ideal. Books that meet this criterion are made available by chapter. However, in order to meet the interest levels of middle- and upper-grade English language learners, books that meet the minimum recommended criterion (90% known words) are also made available by chapter.

These books are perfect for reading both to and with your class as well as for silent reading in and outside the classroom. Once a student has completed an indicated chapter, you can be confident that student will be familiar with most of the vocabulary in any of the books listed. As the student’s reading level grows, so does the student's excitement for reading. That excitement will lead each of your students to more and better books.

Accelerated Reader Reading Practice Quizzes that measure comprehension are available for these titles. In addition, Recorded Voice Quizzes that allow the learner to both hear and see the question and answer choices are available for many titles for primary-level books. Two other quiz types may be available for higher level books: Vocabulary Practice & Literacy Skills. With these quizzes, you can be proactive in motivating and monitoring your students' reading.

English in a Flash Recommended Reading Lists are based on vocabulary knowledge, not proficiency level or grade level.

Once a student has tested out of or completed a chapter, that student will be familiar with most of the vocabulary in any of the listed books. Books are made available by Library and Chapter, beginning with Library 1, Chapter 9. The lists are periodically updated. As students complete more English in a Flash chapters, the number of books from which to choose grows exponentially.

The key features of books on the Recommended Reading Lists are:

  • The books are "regular" books. These books help English Language Learners (ELLs) become culturally aware. The Recommended Reading Lists reflect the books being read by native English-speaking students.
  • The books are rated by interest level as well as vocabulary level. Interest level is based on the content (a book's themes and ideas) and indicates for which age group a book is typically appropriate.
  • The books can be used to develop content area knowledge. Lists are organized by the subject matter they support: language arts, math, science, and social studies. Use AR BookFinder (www.arbookfind.com) to search for books to support your curriculum.

For more information, refer to Getting Results with English in a Flash (found on the Resources page).

The English in a Flash recommended reading lists are provided in Accelerated Reader Bookfinder (www.arbookfind.com). Lists are reviewed periodically, and books are added as they become available. Renaissance recommends that students use the recommended reading lists following completion of English in a Flash Library 1, chapter 9.

To find the Recommended Reading Lists in Accelerated Reader Bookfinder, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Accelerated Reader Bookfinder (www.arbookfind.com).
  2. If you're asked to choose a user type, select Student, Parent, Teacher, or Librarian.
  3. Select Advanced Search.
  4. In the Additional Criteria section of the page, use the first drop-down list to select one of the English in a Flash Recommended Reading Lists (Library 1, Library 2, or Library 3).
  5. Use the second drop-down list (Subtopics) to select one of the chapters (1-15).
  6. There are two listings for each chapter: one is 90% and one is 95%. For books with MG (middle grade) and UG (upper grade) interest levels, select listings with 90%.

  7. Select Search.
  8. Review the results list. Select Add to AR BookBag for books that you want to add to your personal BookBag.