Getting Ready for the New School Year

Both the tasks for the software administrator and the tasks for the technology/computer coordinator should be completed before completing the new school year tasks for English in a Flash. All tasks are listed in the New School Year Checklist (see below).

To find a list of the tasks that need to be done at the beginning of the school year, refer to Setting Up Renaissance in the setup help.

This help topic provides links to the tasks that must be completed by your software administrator and the tasks that must be completed your technology/computer coordinator.

  1. Verify that the setup tasks and the technology/computer coordinator tasks mentioned above have been completed.
  2. For each English in a Flash class and/or English in a Flash teacher, be ready to provide the students with their user names and passwords.
  3. On the Resources help page, select Student Progress Chart under Forms and Charts. Print the number of copies you need.

    1. On the Home page, select Other Math & Reading Apps.
    2. On the Other Math & Reading Apps page, select English in a Flash, then Teacher Mode.
    3. Choose a school from the drop-down list if necessary.
    4. Select a library, then a chapter, and then a lesson.
  4. Use these resources as needed:
  5. Establish English in a Flash schedules for students
    • 15 minutes per day is best
    • Post schedule for students (if appropriate)
  6. Check equipment
    • Test audio, volume, and screen saver settings (use a setting of 20 minutes or more)
    • Use headphones that cover the ears (best for blocking out background noise)