Printing the Book Bag

For best performance, print jobs are limited to 1,000 titles or fewer.

To view or print the Lexile® measure for a book, you must first perform an Advanced Search.

To print a list of the book and article titles in your Book Bag:

  1. Review the contents of your Book Bag by selecting AR BookBag .
    • To remove a title, select Remove from Book Bag next to the book.
  2. Select Print . The Print Results page opens.
  3. Choose how you want your list to be formatted, Without book covers (default) or With book covers.
  4. Choose how you want your list to be sorted: Title (default), Author Last Name, AR Quiz Number, or Book Level.
    • Title and Author Last Name: Alphabetical (A to Z). You cannot reverse the order (Z to A).
    • AR Quiz Number: Lower number quizzes are listed first.
    • Book Level: The lowest book levels are listed first.
  5. Select View Report.
  6. The report generates. When it is ready, the report will open in a browser window or a separate window.
  7. When you have finished, select Return to Book Bag.