Advanced Search

Advanced Search allows you to search based on a book title, author, ISBN, publisher, quiz released date, quiz type, interest level, ATOS book level, topics, subtopics, fiction/nonfiction classification, and language (English and Spanish, English, or Spanish).

Note: You do not have to complete every field to do an Advanced Search.

Need to search by Book Level? See steps 6 and 7 on this page - choose an interest level first, then enter the book level range you are looking for books within.

  1. Select Advanced Search.
  2. Select Contains (default), Starts With, or Exact Match.
  3. Type the title, author, publisher, or ISBN (International Standard Book Number) into the blank fields.
  4. Use the Quiz Released drop-down list to choose the quiz release date: Any Time (default), the past 7, 15, 30, 60, 90, or 180 days.
  5. Choose a Quiz Type from the drop-down list: Any Quiz Type (default), Reading Practice, Recorded Voice, Vocabulary Practice, or Literacy Skills.
  6. Choose the Interest Level.
  7. After you select an interest level, you can enter the ATOS Book Level.
  8. Use the Additional Criteria drop-down lists to choose Topics and Subtopics, Classification (Fiction and Nonfiction, Fiction, or Nonfiction), and Language (English and Spanish, English, or Spanish).
  9. You must choose a topic before you can choose a subtopic. You can view topics and subtopics from either the Advanced Search page or on the left side of search results, under "Topic."

    Some special topics are:

    • Award Winners list used for this topic is larger than the list of awards shown in the Collections tab, which lists some of the most commonly referenced award lists, but not all.
    • Recommended Reading organizes books that have been included in a wide variety of Recommended Reading lists.
    • Series groups books that are part of a series. Both general and specific series are included. General series have sub-series within them. You can search using either the very broad series name or the more specific sub-series name.
    • What Kids Are Reading lists the books found in Renaissance Learning's annual publication What Kids Are Reading. To see the titles in rank order or to simply learn more about this exciting report, please visit:
  10. From the Sort drop-down list, select Title (default), Author, Interest Level, Book Level, or Rating.
    • Title and Author: Alphabetical (A to Z). You cannot reverse the order (Z to A). Author sort is by author's last name.
    • Interest Level: Lower grade levels are listed first.
    • Book Level: The lowest book levels are listed first.

    When students finish taking an Accelerated Reader Reading Practice Quiz for a book, they may vote to say how they liked the book. The rating is calculated from all student votes (nationwide) for the past twelve months and is updated weekly. Possible ratings are: 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, and 4 stars. The highest possible rating is 4 stars. If the book has not been rated, this field will say "Not yet rated."

  11. Review your search criteria choices and select Search.
  12. If necessary, select Clear Form to return to the default settings and start over.

  13. The Search Results page will open.

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