AR BookGuide

Your school may not use AR BookGuide. Check with your school to see if AR BookGuide is being used.

AR BookGuide is a web-based management tool that helps a school manage its Accelerated Reader (AR) quizzes and its school library.

AR BookGuide and AR Bookfinder can work together to share information about available AR quizzes, books available at the school, and teacher lists of books for students.

Schools can use AR BookGuide to:

  • Create a new account (in AR BookGuide)
  • Customize the preferences for both AR Bookfinder and AR BookGuide
  • Import files (normally a list of books) from a library circulation system or Accelerated Reader program
  • Search for books/quizzes
  • Create a list of books/quizzes
  • Create a teacher list for AR Bookfinder
  • Print reports (book lists or book labels)
  • Export a text or HTML file of a book list