Changing Groups

In addition to assigning work to your classes, you can assign it to groups, and you can create groups within a class. If you want to edit the groups for a class, follow the steps below.

  1. On the Home page, select Reports; then, select Accelerated Reader / Reading Practice in the menu that opens.
  2. On the Reports page, the Accelerated Reader/Reading Practice tab is selected. In the Monitor Progress section of the page, select Reading Overview Dashboard.
  3. Select Manage Groups at the top of the dashboard page.
  4. On the Manage Groups page, your school will be selected. If you have access to more than one school, and you need to change the selected school, click Change Selection; then, select a school in the window that opens and select Apply.
  5. On the Manage Groups page, your groups in the selected school will be listed. Notice that math and reading groups are listed separately. Reading groups are used with Accelerated Reader 360 (and other reading products).
  6. Select Add/Edit for the groups that you want to edit.
  7. You will see the individual groups.
  8. If you want to rename groups, click in each field and edit the name as needed.

    If you want to add groups, select Add to the right of the groups; then, name the new group.

    If you want to delete a group, select to the right of the group field.

    In the list of students, you can change the group that each student is in by checking the column for a different group. (Note that students can be in more than one group.) The Student Growth & Achievement Chart to the right can help you decide where to place students. (For more information on the chart, see Creating Student Groups.)

  9. When you have finished changing the groups, select Save.
  10. You will return to the list of your groups for the school. Any changes you made to the number of groups or the names of individual groups will be reflected in the list.