Editing Students' Skills Practice Scores

After you score a student's skills practice assignment, you can edit the student's score for individual items in skills practice activities.

Follow these steps:

  1. On the Home page, select Accelerated Reader 360 Assigned Reading.
  2. Select Track Assignments in the top right corner of the main Accelerated Reader 360 page.
  3. You will go to the Track Student Work Dashboard. When you go to this view from Accelerated Reader 360, the class that you had selected is also selected in this view. In the example below, the "6 assignment types" that are selected are Accelerated Reader 360 assignments, and the class from the previous page is already selected. Make changes to the selections if necessary.
  4. Select the name of the plan that includes the assignments that you want to edit scores for. Accelerated Reader 360 assignments may be in plans called "AR 360 Instructional Practice Plan"; if you named your plan when you created assignments, look for that name instead.
  5. If you have more than one plan with the same name, the Start Date may help; this is the first day in the time period that you chose for the plan. Note that some plans may only be displayed if you have "School Year" chosen for the timeframe.

  6. After you click a plan, you will see a list of the assignments in that plan. Click an assignment that has the scored activity that you want to edit. In the example below, the third assignment (Airbag Helps Olympic Ski Champion Avoid Major Injury) has 6 activities in the Scored column.
  7. Another way to get to scores for a specific student is to click the arrow next to the plan (instead of clicking the plan name) and then click the name of a student who has activities scored.

  8. In the example below, both the quiz and the skills practice for the article have been scored for three students. You can see the number of items answered correctly and the percentage scores.
  9. Select the skills practice score that you want to edit; then, select Review/Rescore/Resubmit. (Quiz scores cannot be rescored.)

  10. On the Activity Summary page, select an item to see the score you have given for that item and to make changes if necessary. (Note that the first item is usually just for reading the article, so it does not have a score when that is the case.)
  11. To change the score for the item, select the drop-down list and choose the score that you want to give the student.
  12. To rescore another item, select the item number.
  13. When you have finished rescoring items, select Return to Summary.
  14. Your new score will be shown on the Activity Summary page.
  15. Select Done to go back to the Track Student Work Dashboard.