Assigning Built-in Skills Practice Activities to Your Students

Articles in the built-in Accelerated Reader 360 collection all have skills practice assignments available. These assignments ask students to highlight and tag parts of the text and respond to evidence-based questions about the text. This process of highlighting and tagging—and then writing answers to text-based questions—means the students are not just reading the article once and moving on, but are going back through it, thinking about it, and analyzing how the author constructed the text. This is a skill they'll need for more intensive close reading later on.

When you view the results of students' skills practice work, and you select a skills practice score or status, you can choose to view the student's performance across skills. You can also choose to view the student's mastery of the skill. The Mastery link takes you to a view of the student's mastery score on the skill and the Mastery Confidence based on the activities that have been completed so far.

If you assign work by topic or keyword, note that some skills may not be part of your learning progression. (District administrators set the Learning Standards that are used on your site.) If you assign a Skills Practice assignment for a skill that isn't in your learning progression, you will not see a mastery score for the skill in the Monitor Student Mastery view.

You can also create your own skills practice assignments, either for articles that are already in the collection or articles that you import.

You may also see a Read Aloud assignment for some articles. These are intended to be used with students in grades K-2. Read Aloud assignments include activities that help you discuss the articles with students and model skills.

Some articles also include Watch the Video to Learn More assignments. These assignments have videos embedded to allow students to learn to use different mediums on a topic.