Accelerated Reader 360 Overview

Designed for busy teachers and librarians, Accelerated Reader 360 supports independent reading practice and the three key instructional shifts being emphasized in the Common Core: more nonfiction reading, more reading of complex texts, and the ability to cite text evidence.  Most importantly, it brings actionable insights across independent and instructional reading practice into educators’ hands.

This help is for the Assigned Reading side of Accelerated Reader 360, which includes nonfiction articles and related skills practice assignments. For more information about the Independent Reading side of the software, go to

Instructional or Assigned Reading includes a collection of articles with assignments to address key skills. (You can also import articles and create assignments.) Assignment types include:

  • Read and Take Quiz assignments: Students read the article and take a quiz.
  • Skills Practice assignments: Students read the article, highlight and tag text that relates to the concept being learned, and answer questions. Skills practice assignments are available with and without a quiz. You can also create your own skills practice assignments.
  • Read Aloud, Think Aloud assignments (K-2): Teachers use these to read through an article and demonstrate skills with a class.
  • Watch the Video to Learn More: Students read an article and watch a video as they learn how to use information from multiple sources.

To start using the software, see Getting Started with Accelerated Reader 360 Assigned Reading.

If you do not yet have Accelerated Reader 360 and you'd like to find out more, contact your sales representative or visit