Getting Started with Accelerated Reader 360 Assigned Reading

In Accelerated Reader 360 Assigned Reading, students can discover articles that interest them, read the articles, and then complete a skills practice assignment and take a quiz.

You can also assign article assignments to your class or group. When you open Accelerated Reader 360 Instructional or Assigned Reading, the starting page gives you three ways to assign work to your classes or groups:

You can also create groups that you can use to assign work in Accelerated Reader 360.

Students can then log in and complete the assignments you've given them. If the article requires highlighting and tagging, they select the text to highlight and choose the tag to apply. They may also be asked to answer questions and take a quiz.

Whether students discover articles on their own or complete the assignments you give them, after students start completing work, you can view and score their responses to skills practice assignments (highlighting and tagging and/or answers to questions) and view their quiz results.

You can also see data on students' article assignment activity in the reading reports dashboards. To find these, on the Home page, select Reports; then, select Accelerated Reader / Reading Practice in the menu that opens. For more information, see Reports and Accelerated Reader 360 Assigned Reading.

Students can also view their results.