myON Books in Accelerated Reader

Students will see myON book ideas in Accelerated Reader if:

  • your school has myON, and
  • students open myON by selecting it on their Renaissance Home page.

When the students open Accelerated Reader, they will see ideas for books they can read now in myON; only books that have Accelerated Reader quizzes will be shown. Students may also find myON books when they search for books.

When students select a myON book in book ideas, or when they find a book through search, they can choose to read the book now or to take an Accelerated Reader quiz (if they have already read the book).

When a student reads a myON book, you'll see that the book was read when you view the student's information in myON. When the student takes an Accelerated Reader quiz for that book, you will see the quiz results in Accelerated Reader.