Viewing Student Quiz Results

Who can do this with default user permissions?

District Level Administrators, District Staff, School Level Administrators, Teachers

Follow these steps to see your students' quiz results:

  1. On the Home page, select Accelerated Reader, then Record Book & Goals.
  2. At the top of the page, you will see a School drop-down list if you have access to more than one school and a Class drop-down list if you have access to more than one class. Use the drop-down list(s) to select the school and class whose information you want to view. You can view information for one class at a time.

  3. Select the Latest Quiz tab.
  4. On the Latest Quiz tab, select the quiz type menu and choose the quiz type that you want to see.

  5. You will see information about the latest quiz that each student has taken (based on the class and quiz type that you selected). The table includes the quiz date, title, ATOS book level (or Lexile®* measure) of the quiz, and the quiz score. Next to each quiz score, you will see a check mark () if the student passed the quiz or an exclamation point () if the student failed the quiz. In the example below, most students have passed their latest quizzes, but Alexis has failed her most recent quiz.

    The Lexile® Goals preference determines whether the ATOS book level or Lexile® measure is shown in the Record Book.

    If the student has taken a Star Reading test, and the book is outside of the student's Zone of Proximal Development or Lexile® Range, you will see a symbol next to the book level that shows you whether the book was above () or below () the ZPD or Lexile® Range. (If Lexile® Ranges are being shown, you will see and .) Hover over the symbol to see ideas for potential next steps. In the example below, Hannah's latest quiz is on a book that is above her ZPD.

    By default, the table is sorted by students' last names. If you want to sort by one of the other columns (quiz date, title, ATOS book level/Lexile® measure, or quiz score), select the column heading once to sort in ascending order; select it again to sort in descending order.

    If the class has more than 100 students, the first 100 will be listed. To see the rest of the students, under the table, select to see the next 100 students or to see the last group of students. To go back, select to see the previous 100 students or to see the first group.

    Select a student's name to see a list of quizzes that student has taken, or to see more information for that student (Zone of Proximal Development or Lexile® Range, number of books read, number of articles read, percent nonfiction, and number of words learned through Vocabulary Practice). When you view the student details, you can also view the student's TOPS Reports, edit quiz dates, rescore quizzes, transfer quizzes to other students, or deactivate quizzes. (Depending on the setting of the school Manage Quiz Results preference, teachers may not be allowed to rescore quizzes, edit quiz dates, transfer quiz records, or deactivate quizzes.)

  6. You can also see students' quiz results for the current school year in the Track Student Results Dashboard in Reports.

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