View Students' Certification Goals and Achievements

Reading certification levels are the milestones of your students' reading practice achievements. As your students read more independently, pass quizzes, and earn points from those quizzes, they can earn reading certifications if you set certification goals. For more information, see Reader Certifications. Note: Certifications are not available when your class is using the K-2 goal model for reading practice goals; in the K-2 model, students earn badges instead of certifications.

Follow the steps below to view your students' certification goals.

Who can do this with default user permissions?

District Level Administrators, School Level Administrators, Teachers

District-level administrators can view goals for all classes and students at all schools. School-level administrators can view goals for all classes and students at their schools. Teachers can view goals for their classes and students. Other staff cannot view goals unless they have been granted more permissions.

  1. To open the Accelerated Reader Record Book, on the Home page, select Accelerated Reader 360 Independent Reading; then, select Record Book & Goals in the menu.
  2. At the top of the page, you will see a School drop-down list if you have access to more than one school and a Class drop-down list if you have access to more than one class. Use the drop-down list(s) to select the school and class whose information you want to view. You can view information for one class at a time.
  3. Select the Certifications tab.
  4. The Reading Certification Goals table for the class shows you:

    • Each student's name
    • The certification goal set for each student
    • The start date, which you choose when you set the goal (The date may be a specific date, the start of a specific marking period, or after the student achieved his or her previous goal.)
    • The achieved date (only shown when the student has achieved a goal and does not yet have a new goal)
    • The status:
      • In Progress: The goal has started. Any Reading Practice Quizzes that the student passes will apply toward the goal.
      • Upcoming: The start date for the goal is in the future, so the student has not started working toward the goal.
      • Achieved: The student has met the goal and achieved the certification.