How Students View Their Scores on Quizzes They've Taken

After selecting Progress, the student selects the My Completed Work tab.

The My Completed Work tab is a showcase of all the quizzes that the student has taken in the past several years. (Other work the student has completed is also shown.) The quizzes are organized by month, with the most recent quizzes listed first; the score earned for each is shown.

Students can also search the list for a specific quiz using the title, author, or quiz number. In the search field above the list and to the right, the student can enter the information and click the magnifying glass to start searching.

The quizzes that matched the student's search will be listed. If the student wants to see the whole list again, the student selects Clear.

When students select a book cover for a quiz, they will see:

  • More information about the book (title, author, quiz number, language, book level, and points).
  • Their rating of the book (shown by stars and text).
  • How many questions they answered correctly, their percent correct, the number of points they earned, and the number of words they read.
  • The Review Questions button (if the Show Quiz Answers preference allows students to review quiz questions and if the quiz was taken during the current school year). For passed quizzes, students can select this button to see the questions and the answers to any questions that they answered incorrectly.
  • The View TOPS Report button. Students select this to open their TOPS report in a new tab. The report includes their score on the quiz and information about their progress. Students can select PDF to print the report. When they are done, they can close the tab.
  • A < Back button that they can use to go back to the list of completed quizzes.

For some quizzes on the My Completed Work tab, detailed information may not be available; a message will tell students this when they select the book cover. This may happen when student data was merged or moved in previous versions of Renaissance software or when students took the quiz on a device that is no longer supported.

Some older quizzes that students took in previous versions of Renaissance software may not be shown on the My Completed Work tab. Even when this is the case, students will not be allowed to retake quizzes that they have taken in the past several years unless retakes are allowed by the Quiz Retake Restrictions Preference.