How Students View Progress on Quizzes Taken

After students have logged in and selected Accelerated Reader or Accelerated Reader 360, they can select Progress at the top of the page to view:

  • their progress toward goals for the current marking period
  • their Certifications, and
  • their completed quizzes

My Goals

The My Goals tab shows students their progress toward reading practice goals.

Viewing Progress for Students in Grades 3 and Up

For older students (typically grades 3 and higher depending on the goal model the teacher chose), students can see their progress toward their goal for points, the average level of books they've read, and average quiz scores (percent correct). If the teacher chose the rocket (grade 3-5) model, the points goal is shown as a rocket heading toward a planet, and the student can see the points they have earned and the goal. When the student meets the goal, the rocket reaches the planet, and the student sees fireworks and a congratulatory message. If there is no goal, the rocket is flying through space and the student sees the number of points earned.

If the teacher chose the goal model for grades 6 and up, the student's goal progress is shown on a line instead of with a rocket; all of the other information is shown in the same way.

Students using the goal models for grades 3 and up also have goals for average percent correct and average book level. These are shown as gauges where the student can see the goal and their own achievement. If students do not have goals, the Book Level gauge does not show a goal, while the Overall Quiz Scores gauge shows the goal at 85%.

Students also see statistics about their reading and their Star scores (if they have scores in the selected marking period). Note that Star scores are shown on the Enterprise scale, so they may be different from the scores shown on Star reports.

Viewing Progress for Younger Students

For younger students (typically grades K-2 depending on the teacher's goal model choice), progress is shown in terms of the tokens and badges earned. Students earn a token for each passed quiz: a star if they got some questions wrong and a trophy if they answered all the questions correctly. These tokens fill in the requirements for animal character badges. The student can see each character as they earn the number of tokens required for each badge; they can see the books that count toward a badge by selecting the badge.

Tokens for short books go in Greenwood Glen (shown above). Medium books go in Timber Park. Long books go in Pinnacle Peak. Students will only see the areas that are for the books they've read.

At the top of the My Goals tab, students can see statistics about their reading and the recommended book levels they should read at.

My Certifications

This tab shows students' progress toward certification goals. This tab is not available to students whose class is using the K-2 goal model. It includes the following:

  • Just under the tabs, students will see where today is in the current marking period and how much time remains in that marking period; to see goals for a different marking period, students select another one from the drop-down list.
  • Under the marking period information, the student will see his or certification goal, including the requirements for the certification. Only passed Reading Practice quizzes count toward certification goals.
  • Under the goal, the student will see the achieved certification goals for the current school year. (A number after the certification means the student re-certified at that level that many times.)

My Completed Work

Students click this tab to see the quizzes they have taken. For more information, see How Students View Their Scores on Quizzes They've Taken.