Unfinished Quizzes

There may be times when a student is unable to finish a quiz, such as when the power goes out or when the connection to the server is lost. When this happens in the middle of a quiz, the program saves the student's answers on the questions that were already presented.

There are two ways for students to finish (resume) the quiz the next time the student logs in:

  • The quiz will be in the Assignments list on the student Home page, and the status will be "In-Progress." The student can click the quiz to continue taking it.
  • When a student with an unfinished quiz selects Accelerated Reader on the Home page, the student will see a message like the one below. The student may select Finish Quiz to open the quiz starting with the first unanswered question. (The student will not see any questions that he or she has already answered.)
  • If the student does not want to finish the quiz, the student can select Delete Quiz to remove the unfinished quiz without finishing it; the teacher or quiz monitor must enter the monitor password to allow the student to delete the quiz.

These instructions do not apply to quizzes that were stopped - those quizzes are not saved, so the student must search for the quiz and start over to take the quiz again.

Teachers can see unfinished quizzes in the Accelerated Reader Record Book. Instead of a score, teachers will see the word "Started" for unfinished quizzes.