Taking an Accelerated Reader Quiz

After a student selects Accelerated Reader on the Home page, he or she can take Reading Practice, Vocabulary Practice, Literacy Skills, and Other Reading Quizzes. To see a video demonstration of how students take a quiz, click here.

Students should take quizzes within 24 hours of finishing a book. If they must wait longer and they do poorly, teachers won't know if they had problems comprehending what they read or if they simply forgot some of the details.

To find out which browsers are supported for student quizzing, see

Students can also read nonfiction articles and take quizzes about them - see How Students Read Articles and Take Quizzes.

Before students can take quizzes, they must be added to the Renaissance software and enrolled in classes. Students will also need their user names and passwords.

Students should follow these steps to take a quiz:

  1. After you log in as a student, you'll see the Home page. If you are already using the program, select the Home icon at the top of any page.
  2. Select Accelerated Reader.
  3. select Accelerated Reader

  4. If you are enrolled in more than one Accelerated Reader class, select the name of the class for which you want to take a quiz; then, select Done.
  5. select a class, then select Done

    If you change your mind about the class you want to choose, use the drop-down list at the top of the page to choose a different class.

    use the drop-down list at the top of the page to choose a different class

    Accelerated Reader has a student capacity limit. If that limit has been reached for your school or district, the program will display a message telling you that. If you get a message like that, make sure you tell your teacher. Then, select OK to close the message. If the student capacity limit has been reached, you cannot take a quiz until it is increased or adjusted.

    If a message tells you that you cannot use Accelerated Reader from this computer, talk to your teacher. Your school district might limit Accelerated Reader quizzing on certain computers, such as home computers.

  6. Search for the book that you want to take a quiz for. Type all or part of the book title, all or part of the author's name, or the quiz number. Then, select Search.
  7. the search field

  8. In the list of books, select Take Quiz for the quiz you want to take.
  9. select Take Quiz for a book

    If the list is long, use the arrows to see more of the list: right arrow (Next), left arrow (Back), last page (last page), or first page (first page).

    the page controls are under the search results

    If you don't see the quiz you want to take, try searching for it again or talk to your teacher to see if your school has the quiz.

    If no quizzes are found for the word(s) a student typed, but those words are similar to words that do match quizzes, the program may list those quizzes.

  10. If more than one quiz type is available for a book, choose Start Quiz for the type of quiz that you want to take.
  11. select Start Quiz

    If you have already taken a quiz, you will see which quiz types you have taken after you select Take Quiz. Those quiz types will have a green check mark with the words "Quiz Complete." If you also see a "Retake Quiz" link, you can select it and retake a quiz if your teacher enters a monitor password.

    example of the Quiz Complete message

    You can take Literacy Skills Quizzes more than once. The window will show you how many tries you have left.

  12. If necessary, select how you read the book (I listened to the book, I read with someone, or I read by myself).
  13.   select how you read the book

  14. If you chose a Reading Practice Quiz that has sound, you may be asked whether you want the quiz read to you. See the picture above this step. If you see this question, select Yes to hear the questions during the quiz or No to read them yourself.
  15. Select Start Quiz.
  16. If the program asks for a monitor password, your quiz monitor needs to enter the password and select Start. (The program also asks for this if you are blocked from taking the quiz.)
  17. If you are taking a quiz on a tablet and the quiz has Recorded Voice, you may need to select another Start Quiz button.
  18. The quiz begins. To select an answer, press the A, B, C, or D key or select or click on the answer you want. A circle shows which answer you selected. You can change your answer before going on. To go to the next question, click Next.
  19. If you chose to have the quiz read to you, you will hear each question and the answer choices. To hear the question or one of the answers, click the item.

    You can click the quiz title at the top of the page during the quiz to see information about the book and quiz.

    Quizzes can be stopped if necessary. Select Stop Quiz at the top of the Quiz Question screen. In the window that opens, the teacher or quiz monitor must enter the monitor password and click Stop Quiz.

  20. After you finish a Reading Practice Quiz, you will be asked how you liked the book. Select one of the stars. Then, select Next.
  21. If the program asks for a monitor password, the quiz monitor needs to enter the password and select OK.
  22. Next, the program shows you how you did on the quiz. A star over the score (like in the picture below) means that you passed. A trophy trophy icon means you answered all of the questions correctly. If the circle is empty, you did not pass the quiz - ask your teacher what you should read next.

    example of quiz results

    If you passed the quiz, you may have a Review Questions button; select it to see the questions again and the answers for the questions you got wrong. For questions you answered incorrectly, your answer will be circled and in red with an "X." The correct answer will be circled in green with a check mark. When you're through reviewing each question, select Next.

    If you want to see your TOPS Report, select View TOPS Report. When you're done, select the Home icon at the top of the page.

    Select See My Progress to leave the results and see your progress toward goals.

  23. If you want to log out, in the top-right corner of the page, select the arrow next to your name and choose Log Out.

Teachers can see students' quiz results in the Accelerated Reader Record Book.