How Students Read Articles and Take Quizzes

In addition to taking quizzes on books, Accelerated Reader students can read high-interest nonfiction articles that are included with software, and they can take quizzes on the articles they read. Students follow the steps below to read articles and take quizzes. Teachers can see the students' results on the article quizzes.

The steps below apply if you have Accelerated Reader, but not Accelerated Reader 360. If you have Accelerated Reader 360, see How Students Find Their Own Article Assignments instead.

Some schools may have turned off article quizzes in the Article Quiz Availability preference preference; if article quizzes are off, students cannot find articles, read them, or take Article Quizzes.

  1. On the student Home page, select Accelerated Reader.
  2. select Accelerated Reader

  3. If you are enrolled in more than one Accelerated Reader class, select the name of the class for which you want to take a quiz; then, select Done.
  4. select a class, then select Done

    If you change your mind about the class you want to choose, use the drop-down list at the top of the page to choose a different class.

    use the drop-down list at the top of the page to choose a different class

    Accelerated Reader has a student capacity limit. If that limit has been reached for your school or district, the program will display a message telling you that. If you get a message like that, make sure you tell your teacher. Then, select OK to close the message. If the student capacity limit has been reached, you cannot take a quiz until it is increased or adjusted.

    If a message tells you that you cannot use Accelerated Reader from this computer, talk to your teacher. Your school district might limit Accelerated Reader quizzing on certain computers, such as home computers.

  5. There are three ways to find an article and its quiz:
    • You can select one of the articles in the "Articles you can read now" section at the top of the page. Then, select Read & Quiz in the window that opens.
    • select an article under Articles You Can Read Now

    • You can select an article in the Top Article Ideas for You under Discover Articles. Then, select Read & Take Quiz in the window that opens.
    • select an article under Top Article Ideas for You

      select Read and Take Quiz

    • You can type words to search for at the top of the page. If you see an article that you want to read in the results, select Read & Take Quiz for that article.
    • example of article search results

    If you have already taken a quiz on the article, you will see a "Quiz Complete" message instead of the Read & Take Quiz button. You can't take the quiz again unless there is a Retake Quiz link under that message. If there is, when you select the link to retake the quiz, you will need the teacher to enter the monitor password.

    Note to teachers: if students don't see "Articles you can read now" or "Discover Articles," it may be because of their grade level or reading level. If students have taken Star Reading tests, only those whose Zone of Proximal Development includes book levels 3.6 or above will see article ideas. If students have not taken Star Reading tests, only students in grades 3 and above will see article ideas.

  6. Next, select Start Quiz.
  7. select Start Quiz

  8. The article will open. Read the article. Then, select Next.
  9. select Next after reading the article

  10. On the next page, select Take Quiz to start the quiz.
  11. select Take Quiz

  12. You will go to the quiz for the article.
  13. If the program asks for a monitor password before the quiz, the teacher needs to enter the password and select OK. (The Password Requirement preference sets whether the password is required, and the password for the class is set in the Monitor Password preference.)

    The Accelerated Reader date and time restrictions may also prevent students from taking quizzes on certain days or times; if so, you may be able to override the restrictions using a monitor password (depending on the preference settings).

  14. Select your answer to each question; then, select Next. After you answer the last question, select See My Progress to go to a page where you can see your progress toward goals.
  15. When you are done, you will see your score. If you want to see a report with your results, select View TOPS Report.
  16. example of quiz results

Teachers can see students' quiz results in the Accelerated Reader Record Book. Students can see them when they select My Completed Work.