Accelerated Reader Preferences

You can use the Accelerated Reader preferences to control how the software works for your school, class, or individual students. To see the preferences, on the Home page, select Accelerated Reader Independent Reading; then, select Preferences.

select Accelerated Reader Independent Reading, then Preferences

On the Preferences page, you will see categories for District Preferences, School Preferences, Class Preferences, and Individual Student Preferences. District Preferences affect all schools and users. School preferences are set for each school. Classroom preferences are set for each class. Individual student preferences allow you to choose a setting for each student. When a school year ends and a new one begins, the District, School, and Individual Student preference settings remain the same and should be reviewed for necessary changes. Classroom preferences don't carry over since classes are new every school year.

By default, district-level administrators can set district preferences, school preferences for any school, and class and student preferences for any class. School-level administrators can set school preferences, class preferences, and student preferences for their school. Teachers can set class preferences and student preferences for their classes. District staff and school staff can see preference settings, but they cannot change them.

Some preferences affect both Accelerated Reader and Star testing. Only the preferences that affect Accelerated Reader are listed below. If you have Star products, you will see other preferences in the list.

In the list below, select the preference name to find out more about setting the preferences and how the settings affect Accelerated Reader.

School preferences:

Class preferences:

  • Lexile®* Goals preference: Sets whether Lexile® measures are used for Accelerated Reader goals, book level restrictions (see the Book Level Restrictions preference), and reports. On many Accelerated Reader pages, both the ATOS book level and the Lexile® measure are shown regardless of the preference setting. For many reports, you can choose the book level type to show.
  • Monitor Password - Reading Quizzes preference: Use this preference to set the monitor password for each class for Accelerated Reader quizzes.
  • Password Requirement preference: Use this preference to set whether the monitor password is required before Star tests, before Accelerated Reader quizzes, and after Accelerated Reader quizzes.
  • Quiz Retake Restrictions preference: Use this preference to control when (and whether) students are allowed to retake Accelerated Reader quizzes. This preference affects all types of Accelerated Reader quizzes.
  • Reading Goals Model preference: This preference determines which goal model you want to use for students in your class and whether goals will include reading ranges or average book levels.
  • Show Quiz Answers preference: This preference sets whether students are allowed to review quiz questions and answers after they pass quizzes. This preference applies only to passed quizzes taken in the current school year; students cannot review quiz answers from previous school years.

Individual student preferences

The following school and class preferences, which were in previous versions of Accelerated Reader, have changed or have been replaced with default settings:

  • Allow Multi-Language Quizzing is no longer a preference. Students can take a quiz on the same title in both English and Spanish.
  • Book Voting is no longer a preference. All students will be asked to rate each book after taking the Reading Practice Quiz.
  • Certifications is no longer a preference. Any passed Reading Practice Quiz that meets the certification criteria (book level and method used to read the book) applies to certification goals.
  • Classroom Restrictions has been replaced with the Manage Quiz Results preference, which applies to editing quiz dates and scores and transferring quizzes as well as deactivating quizzes.
  • Literacy Skills Passing Percent is no longer a preference. The passing percentage for Literacy Skills Quizzes is always 70%.
  • Literacy Skills Retakes is no longer a preference, but students can retake the Literacy Skills Quiz for a title twice (for a total of three tries), and they can now use the Quiz Retakes preference to choose to allow a student to retake any Literacy Skills Quiz after a set amount of time or when the monitor password is entered.
  • Monitor Password has been replaced with the new Monitor Password - Reading Quizzes preference. Monitor passwords can now be set differently for each class.
  • Monitor Password Required has been replaced with the Password Requirement class preference.
  • Quiz Setup is no longer a preference. You can use the Individual Student preferences to restrict student quizzing by book level or by interest level.
  • Show Total Points is no longer a preference. Students see their points when they view their completed work.
  • Student Experience is no longer a preference. The Reading Goals Model preference determines how goals are set and what students will see when they view their progress.
  • TOPS Report Printing is no longer a preference, but students can still select View TOPS Report after a quiz to see a report of their results.
  • TWI Monitoring is no longer a preference, but you can use the Quiz Settings preference to choose whether students are asked how they read books.
  • Vocabulary Practice Include Definitions is no longer a preference. Students cannot view the vocabulary for books, though teachers can when they view Vocabulary Practice Quiz information.
  • Vocabulary Practice Review Only Quiz Length is no longer a preference. Review quizzes are not included at this time.
  • Vocabulary Practice Review Percent is no longer a preference. Review words are not included at this time.
  • Vocabulary Practice Student Comprehension is no longer a preference. Students can take a Vocabulary Practice Quiz for a book even if they have not yet taken the Reading Practice Quiz.

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